Tuesday, May 28, 2013

eye of the beholder
Deep within the water
Where the darkest secret lies
Leviathan shall swim
Eluding naked eyes

~Alicia Lime
Contemplate Mortality

I contemplate the mortality of a stranger
Of whose existance I would have remained unaware
If you hadn't mentioned

A pain of grief 
For a friends relief
From the discomforts of reality

A blessing sent
A kiss upon your forehead
A tear shed
And an angel's song for comfort

Say goodbye, as you look over your shoulder
A wave, a sigh, don't forget
To smile for the good times

~Alicia Lime
Where Heaven Begins

For a girl, I've know since she was three
And the boy she lost, now I'll never see

You're too young for this tragedy
Your mind surpassed the date on your fake id
A pretty smile betrays your agony
Now you know where heaven begins

Are you suffocated by their sympathies
Do their kind words only trigger painful memories

I'd share my heart to give you strength
I've no words to ease your pain
But you're so strong
You'll see the sun shine again

Now you know where heaven begins

~Alicia Lime 
Moving On
Today I decide 
To wave goodbye
With a smile on my face
'Cause even though 
I think they're vile
I'm happy just to leave
Moving on 
To new things now
New shoes in which to live
My hermit shell
For a newer shiny tin
I don't know 
What lies ahead
Beyond my picket fence
But i'm about 
To find out 
As my new adventure begins

~Alicia Lime
My Vanity
I looked up 
Through the glass
To see you standing there
I raised my hand
And you waved back
Such a friendly gesture
What's that glimmer 
The mystery that I see
When you're looking
Back at me
I'll admit I am intrigued
By the mistchief in your eye
The eyebrow cocked
That crooked smile
How could I be so vain
To think that you are I 
If I turn to walk away
Will you turn the other way?

~Alicia Roper
From The Darkness
from the darkness
in my mind
a calm design
a silence in ice

it's not a piece
of loneliness
or the tranquil peace
of a sleeping mind

take cover in black
a velvet embrace
visions of life
are only trace

and from the darkness
all i can find
are myself
and life...

~Alicia Lime 

iridescent puddle
some one caught the sunlight
in a little bottle
i watch the rainbow melt
into an iridescent puddle

i float through molded jelly
past fruit, and coloured shapes
to look through jiggly walls
at walking, talking apes

in the failing light
of twilight afternoon
a tree of a flower
casts a shadow on the moon

i did not come to understand
the image in my head
i'm only here to share
an atmosphere instead

~Alicia Lime
"Frantilaughterism" (death by laughter)
Overwhelmed I am
Tears are streaming down
A tightening in my chest
I'm rolling on the ground

This laughter in my head
Will choke me till I'm dead
As I gasp for air
That laughter doesn't dare

My face is turning blue
Lips are soaked with drool
My eyes no longer see
And I no longer have to pee

What was it all about
That brouhgt the laughter out
I realy can't remember
But this laughter lasts forever

 ~Alicia Lime